Who We Work With

Who We Work With

Are you a no-nonsense doer?

As a CEO, managing director or entrepreneur, you are used to reflecting regularly on growth opportunities. How often do you encounter resistance? Not so much market resistance as much as internal resistance. Does this push-back come from your colleagues, your employees or from yourself?

Most companies lack neither the intelligence nor the will to grow more than they do. Often what they lack is the right approach, the focus and the discipline and there is no one to ask the right, sometimes uncomfortable questions and willing to work with management to find the right answers – answers that not only look good on paper but are also a good fit for the company’s environment so that undreamed-of results can be achieved with the resources on hand.

Our clients are active business leaders in the fields of industry, retail and wholesale, service industries and non-profit organisations who are looking for a partner to help them achieve sustainable, profitable growth from within. In addition to monetary growth, this can also mean an increase in satisfied customers, a significant increase in quality or a performance boost among employees. In more than 500 projects we have met or exceeded the demands of our clients. Whatever your ambition is, ours is your profitable, healthy growth.

If you can answer “Yes” to the following questions, we should talk about how we can boost your power:

  • Are you seeking an experienced, responsible advisor to help you achieve your business goals?

  • Are you someone who knows that growth comes from within, but is looking for a way to harness the power of your company to effectively promote that growth?

  • Do you expect a consultant to be capable of getting your team involved in the growth project?

  • Do you want to work with someone who is a critical, independent sparring partner who doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear?

  • Do you have a lot of good ideas on how to trim your company for profitable growth, but lack the necessary hands to implement them?

  • Is short-term growth not enough for you? Do you instead rely on sustainable changes together with your team?

  • Are you fully aware that the most important factor in creating sustainable, profitable growth is that a sound concept also has to be implemented?

  • Do you want to pick up speed on your path of growth, benefit from the success patterns of others and not necessarily reinvent the wheel?

Are you a no-nonsense doer? Decide and lets talk about!

What We Do

What We Do

Everything We Do is Focused on Generating Growth

The goal is profitable, sustainable, and stable organic growth. Our clients are less interested in what we do than in the results we achieve and make happen in their organization.

Our Clients Achieve Success with Us in Three Relevant Service Areas:

A key quality of Mandat is that we do not stop at a good concept. If you are ready and have the courage not only to think about meaningful changes but also to implement them, we are the partners for you.

In each of our service areas, we can also offer you support in management issues through executive coaching and as personal advisors, if you wish.

How We Work

How We Work

Whether you work with us in a phase of growth, stagnation or in a downturn, it is never simply a matter of maintaining the status quo, but of systematically omitting things to create space for intelligent solutions that ideally produce results in the short term.

The success of a consulting project is not decided in the design phase, but rather in the implementation phase. We are proficient in both: at your request, we can work with your staff to promptly implement the growth concept developed with you. In this way, Mandat offers you a force multiplier –precise thought and resolute action.

The Decision Whether to Collaborate with Mandat Is a Joint Decision.


You decide whether Mandat is the right consulting firm for you and we assess whether the collaboration is most likely to lead to the desired result.

To make these decisions, we take sufficient time in the run-up to a project to precisely define the purpose, objectives and benefits of the collaboration. Dialogue with our client is a must and discussions with other possible stakeholders are desirable. This ensures that the requisite clarity exists right from the start of the collaboration and that we jointly reach a conceptual agreement on our work together.

We See Our Engagement as a Project.

This means that, like us, you also have certain responsibilities in relation to achieving the goals and seeing to it that the collaboration ends once the defined results have been achieved. This way, we both ensure that we reach our goals together as quickly as possible. Our fees always apply to the service as a whole, regardless of how many consultant days the work takes.

This is how you can be sure that we are both working towards the same goals, that there are no hidden consulting fees, and that we achieve reliable results as quickly as possible. This is our essential contribution to partnership-based collaboration.

With Us There Are No One-size-fits-all Projects.

Each project is tailored to your specific situation and is geared toward the desired results. Of course you will benefit from our experience gained in similar projects and we do not reinvent the wheel with every project, but it is important for the success of a project that it is individually tailored to you and your company. We will not offer you any “standard corporate retreats” or project management.

In our collaboration, we make sure that our knowledge becomes your expertise. We involve your team in the joint work as far as necessary because routine processes have to run without us once our work is done. This way, you can ensure that your investment will pay off over the long term and that Mandat expertise remains available and usable in your company over the long term.

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