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“Dr. Guido Quelle is one of Germany’s thought leaders in the field of growth-oriented transformation.”

PT-Magazin für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft


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Strategy & Growth

Organization & Leadership

Growth Engine Sales

Brand Management

In presentations, keynotes and workshops you can also translate our expertise into your success. However you want to grow, we will work together to find the right core topic and format for you.

“One of the most sought-after German speakers and management consultants on the subject of growth.”

Bundesverband Deutscher Mittelstand e. V.

Growth Expert Guido Quelle

Dr. Guido Quelle is an internationally sought-after expert and speaker on strategies for profitable growth, managing growing organizations and overcoming obstacles to growth. His repertoire includes presentations, talks and keynotes at trade fairs, conferences and congresses as well as at internal corporate events and management conferences.

His listeners benefit from sound, up-to-the-minute expertise, entertainingly packaged and powerfully delivered. The aim of every presentation Dr. Quelle delivers is to provide the audience with concrete, effective starting points for changing the way they do business.

Here are some examples of presentation topics in the area of strategy & growth:

  • Mastering Strategy and Daily Operations

    The Natural Enemy of Strategy is Business as Usual – How to Stay on Track for Growth

  • You Have Everything You Need

    Growth comes from within – How to release internal brakes and give your business a fresh boost.

  • Initiating Sustainable Change

    “It’s Always Been Done that Way” – Growth Against the Grain

  • Successful Expansion

    “Don’t go out Hunting When Your House Is On Fire!”  – Selectively Overcoming Internal Barriers to Growth.

“Growth is a must, and Dr. Quelle outlined new prospects for us with a brilliant presentation.”

Dr. Dr. Peter Spary

geschäftsführendes Vorstandsmitglied,
Verein zur Förderung der Wettbewerbswirtschaft e.V.

“At many companies nowadays, growth is seen as one-dimensional. Professor Quelle reminded us in an inspiring way what growth really means and how easy it can be to grow when every employee in the company recognizes and also internalizes the true meaning of growth.”

Josef Siess

Executive Board,
Billa AG

“You have succeeded in an excellent way in explaining a completely different effect of “brakes” to an automotive industry audience. Your practical examples also helped to improve understanding. Thanks to your advice, our member companies will develop appropriate strategies to solve release any brakes on growth.”

Marita Kloster and Hans Jürgen Wahlen,

Managing Directors,
Gesamtverband Autoteile-Handel (GVA) e.V.

“The authoritative delivery of your presentation riveted the participants to their seats. Your frankness of speech and the clear examples from daily life that you drew on to underscore your key takeaways captured the undivided attention of the listeners. As a result, you contributed greatly to the success of the German Consultants’ Day.”

Christoph Weyrather

Managing Director,
Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater BDU e. V.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Vollberg’s presentation because it demonstrated the complex process of brand building and brand development in a clear and actionable way!”

Ingo Reifgerste

Managing Director,
Schleiff Bauflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

“I enjoyed Mrs Vollberg’s lecture very much. I found the clear structure particularly good. Her description of brand and marketing was not vague, but instead she presented distinct instruments and explained how to use them. Her structured introduction sparked the interest of all the participants. Ms Vollberg whetted everyone’s appetite for the topic of brand. That was very excellent.”

RA Alexander Kostka

Managing Director,
Baugewerbe Westfalen

“Inviting Mr. and Mrs. Vollberg to join us as speakers was valuable to us because they added further relevance to the growth-strategic framework of our network event. What I especially liked about their presentation was the fact that they were able to add dimensions to familiar principles in an entirely new way. I can highly recommend both of them as speakers for their capacity to communicate valuable content in a fresh and straightforward style.”

Erwin Meier-Honegger

Managing Director,
Ernst Meier AG

“Mr. Vollberg is a sales professional through and through.”

Christian Wieg


Linda Vollberg: The Expert for Brand Management and Brand Development

Here are some examples of presentation topics:

  • Your Business as a Brand – The Power of the Brand also and Especially for SMEs

  • Brand is not Marketing – Essential elements for a High-growth Brand

Fabian Vollberg: The Expert for Effective Sales Activities and High Performance Processes

Here are some examples of presentation topics:

  • Engine or Brake on Growth? Effective B2B Sales in SMEs

  • Getting Started is Always Difficult: A Popular Misconception – Pragmatic Strategic Work to Stay on Track and Ensure Success

  • A Matter of Trust, What Happens When You Break a Promise?

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