Linda Vollberg

Managing Partner

Linda Vollberg is an expert for brand management and brand contouring at Mandat. With discipline, knowledge, a wealth of ideas and a high degree of empathy and commitment to Mandat clients, she has succeeded in rising from a valued intern to managing partner within ten years.

Linda started her career at Mandat in 2010 while she was still studying industrial engineering. Her academic education honed Linda’s ability to think in terms of processes and structures, a capability which she now deploys to maximum effect in client projects. This process- and structure-oriented approach also enables her to develop strategic and conceptual ideas – and not just on paper; she also guides them to implementation in collaboration with Mandat clients. She has been a management consultant with Mandat since 2011, after successfully completing her studies at the top of her class. At the beginning of 2016, Linda Vollberg was appointed Senior Consultant, in August 2018 she was appointed Authorized Signatory and since 2020 she has also been a partner at Mandat and was appointed to the management board.

To date Linda Vollberg has led or actively contributed to more than 50 client projects. The substantive focus of her projects often revolves around the successful future of the company – both at the level of strategy development and brand positioning. In the field of brand management in particular, Linda has demonstrated both scholarly and practical expertise. At Mandat she developed two academic papers on the topic of “Branding System Companies at the POS as a Lever for Profitable Growth” as part of the Mandat Campus series, published in 2012. In addition, she is the author of the book Marke ist nicht Marketing (Brand is not Marketing), which was published in 2018, and has published some 100 articles on brand management and strategy implementation.

Her extensive practical expertise is in high demand among Mandat clients and is an essential pillar of Mandat’s development. Linda’s main objective is to view the brand as a strategic element – a vehicle for growth – to promote a clear, contoured attainment of strategic goals. In doing so, she always takes a holistic view of the brand – from the inside out and from the client’s perspective. After all, the external perception of a brand first has to be lived internally. Linda also represents the exciting field of the brand as a speaker at national and international conferences and events.

As head of the International Brand Colloquium, which Mandat has been organizing since 2012, Linda is in charge of one of the most prestigious brand events in the German-speaking world. This annual forum for thought leaders in the field of brand management traditionally brings together entrepreneurs, executive board members, managing directors and senior managers in the Seeon Monastery in Chiemgau, Germany, to ignite strong brands and promote corporate growth in a small, exclusive forum.

Linda hails from the town of Schwerte, Germany where she lives with her husband and her canine companion Catinka.