Fabian Vollberg

Managing Partner

Fabian Vollberg has been a member of the Mandat team since 2010. Since then, he has led or significantly contributed to more than 100 projects for national, multinational and international client companies, sharpening strategies, streamlining processes, professionalizing workflows and making organizations more effective. His specialized expertise is always in demand when it comes to significantly increasing the effectiveness of Mandat clients’ sales on the path to healthy profitable growth, developing forward-looking expansion plans and significantly activating sales activities. Fabian began his career at Mandat as a management consultant. He quickly gained the trust of Mandat clients, advanced to senior consultant and finally to authorized signatory. Fabian has been the managing director and a partner at Mandat since 2020.

One of Fabian’s primary concerns is the practical implementation of corporate and sales strategies, with all of the hurdles and necessary changes this involves. For him, success is more than simply a matter of comprehensive concepts. What matters to him is that ideas that have been developed conceptually also deliver positive results – and everything in terms of healthy, profitable growth. To this end, Fabian is also valued in 1-on-1 dialogue and is active as a personal advisor to entrepreneurs and as a coach for top-tier executives.

As part of his regular research work for Mandat, the Diplom- economist has supervised two master’s theses: “Resource Planning in Organizational Development Projects,” providing in-depth knowledge for practical resource planning in projects. The other thesis, “Growth-oriented Optimization of the Value Chain Based on the Example of a Supplier for Industrial Plant Engineering,” combined a real consulting project with sound scholarly analysis and Mandat consulting expertise. Both papers were awarded the the grade of “very good” (equivalent to the grade of “A” in the German university system) from their respective academic supervisors.

In addition to regular publications in German-language professional journals, Fabian Vollberg led the Mandat “GROW!” studies on collaboration between private equity firms and companies as well as the study “Sell or be Sold – Effective B2B Sales in SMEs.” These highly regarded studies are limited to theoretical knowledge, but offer numerous practical approaches to significantly improving collaboration between private equity firms and companies, as well as significantly improving performance in B2B sales.

In addition to his professional commitments, Fabian is also involved in the Dortmund City Society. Since 2011 he has been a member of the Junior Chamber Dortmund, District of Unna, Hamm. After holding various positions as project manager, marketing manager and long-standing member of the board, he served as Vice Chairman, Chairman and Past President from 2013 to 2015 of this 150-member association, which, as a chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), is part of the world’s largest network of young entrepreneurs and executives. In 2017, this volunteer work was recognized with the highest honor awarded by the Junior Chamber International – the Golden Junior Pin. Since 2015, Fabian Vollberg has also been a member of the board of the Friends of the Dortmund City and State Library, which is committed to giving young people access to books regardless of their social or ethnic background. During his time as Chairman of the Junior Chamber, he initiated a cooperative partnership with the Friends of the Dortmund City and State Library, which still links the two associations constructively today.

Fabian comes from Wuppertal and now lives with his wife and his dog Catinka in Schwerte, the beautiful “Hanseatic city on the Ruhr”.