Personal Advisor

Personal Advisor

It’s Lonely at the Top

As an executive engaging us in this highly personal sphere of activity, you are a strong, self-confident, capable personality specifically looking for an outside opinion and a sounding board for your forthcoming decisions. You’re seeking dialogue based on mutual esteem, respect and trust. You can expect the collaboration between you and your personal advisor to be characterized by strong sense of purpose and the capacity to create something extraordinary.

Your Benefits

Many of our executive decision makers require the temporary services of an experienced independent advisor with whom they can reflect on certain issues as with a third party not affected by the decisions being made and thus capable of providing independent counsel. Your personal advisor has no stake in any particular solution.

Personal consulting engagements generally offer benefits on two levels, the business level and the personal level. Although each assignment is highly individual, we see the following examples of added value time and again:

The Business Level

  • You can discuss matters that are not yet suitable for the wider public within the company – such as future fields of activity or innovation projects.
  • You can talk through ideas, thoughts and models without the directly affected persons being present and ideas being further disseminated throughout the company.
  • You can get a clearer picture of your current business priorities and the strategic thrust of the company.

The Personal Level:

  • In addition to the demanding task of managing the company, you will regain freedom for other matters and bring clarity to questions of how you organize your own work.
  • Particularly with family-run companies we work in a solution-oriented manner on the subject of succession and company takeovers. This may also be a field in which we can offer you assistance.
  • Your personal advisor is an ally who can help you better handle potential conflicts within the company – both with employees and with customers, suppliers and partners.

Here’s How We Work Together

Your personal advisor is there when you need him or her – a bit like an insurance policy.

You have direct access to your personal advisor at all times. Personal advisors normally respond to telephone calls on the same working day and e-mails within 24 hours. Questions, recommendations and discussions may concern any business topic and are treated confidentially and with the utmost discretion. The duration of the engagement is often between six and twelve months.

The personal consulting engagement starts with an initial meeting and ideally also ends with a joint debriefing. During the collaboration period, we always select the best means of exchange – apart from the ability to approach the personal advisor with questions at any time, we recommend fixed telephone appointments for regular dialogue. After all, your personal advisor is also your committed partner and will take the liberty of inquiring about specific topics.

There is no ticking clock on fees. We always work on the basis of a fixed fee for the agreed period, which means that you do not have to worry about spiraling costs every time you pick up the phone or otherwise approach your personal advisor.

Let’s discuss whether a personal advising engagement could be the right choice for you to achieve faster and more effective personal and corporate growth. Just give us a call or write.

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