Creating the Basis for Growth: Double Turnover, Improve Service, Enhance Collaboration

Client Challenge

  • Our client, a supplier in the plant construction industry, had experienced strong growth in sales. New lines of business had been opened up, more extensive and complex projects had been acquired, but internally, the company had come up against the limits of its capabilities.
  • In consequence, it regularly missed delivery dates, and new and existing customers became increasingly dissatisfied. This dissatisfaction not only threatened future market success, but also led internally to growing pressure and increasing friction between employees and functional areas. The losses due to this friction further degraded system performance.
  • The company was not adequately meeting market requirements, either in the short-term business, characterized by comparatively simple items and the customer demand for fast delivery times, or in the project business, which often involves technical development and customer-specific specifications. This also included an adequate range of services and appropriate handling of complaints.
  • Internal processes had developed over the decades of the company’s existence and were capable of adequately handling capacity utilization up to that point. However, the structure that had evolved was not consistently geared to the goal of meeting delivery dates. Responsibilities and duties were to a large extent unregulated, and both leadership and collaboration were largely left to chance.
  • The internal dialogue was more focused on assigning blame than on identifying root causes and working towards solutions.
  • In view of the company’s ambitious growth targets, the personnel base proved to be unsustainable.
  • The goal of our client company was to double its turnover within seven years. Mandat was commissioned to create the basis for this.