Brand and Brand Management

Brand and Brand Management

Time-wasting in Brand Management – These 3 Behaviors Cost You Time

Stop wasting time and distraction in essential brand management decisions. Just because I…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04 2020, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Is Your Brand a Winning Brand?

Five elements that distinguish successful brands. Self-confidence means “to be confident in oneself” – yet, it is precisely this self-confidence…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03 2020, p. 5
Linda Vollberg

Going Against the Brand Core – How Quickly do Poor Decisions Reach the Customer?

Why is it that customers do not always take brands to task for their missteps, even when they are the subject of broad public discussion? Three reasons for the…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 02 2020, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Branding Clouds Judgement

Self-confident or arrogant? A product must be as good as its marketing. A glorified view of your own brand is entrepreneurial …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 01 2020, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Appeal, Selection and Leadership – How Brands Act as an Employee Magnet

How to use your brand to attract and select the right people. How to use the brand as a management tool. Why you should do everything …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 12 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Maintaining a Clear Picture in the Jungle of Dozens of Possibilities

Don’t get bogged down in the possibilities; instead, create clarity in decision-making. Ensure the necessary clarity in the areas of strategy, performance indicators and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 11 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Four Recipes for Success for a Strong Growth Brand

Strong growth and successful brands always know where they are heading. Strong growth and successful brands place customers, their needs and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 10 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

The Power of a Recommendation

To acquire new customers, develop relationships, build confidence and, finally, get to the signed contract…

KMU-Magazin, issue 9 2019, pp. 32-33
Linda Vollberg

Branding – Staying Cool

This is how to configure a working meeting in your company with the topic “Branding – Staying Cool.” To start with, you as entrepreneur, owner or managing director should …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 09 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Brand Management With a Twist

If you want to be different, you have to know what you stand for, so that the “different” has a coherent direction. Say goodbye to copying…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 08 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

The Brand Core as a Compass

A strong brand core reflects what makes a company tick. Defining this core creates a North Star…

KMU-Magazin, issue 6 2019, pp. 32-33
Linda Vollberg

Brand Erosion – What Happens When Promises Are Broken and What You Can Do About It

Actively manage expectations to avoid disappointment. Define internal degrees of freedom and communication channels…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 07 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Strengthening the Strong – Cultivating Brand Ambassadors

Focus on the strong – not on the mediocre and the weak. Internal top performers, loyal customers and reliable…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 06 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Internationalizing a Brand – Success Models from SMEs

Brands from Germany are still considered export powerhouses – your prerequisites for international success are good…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 05 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Brand as a Component of the Corporate Strategy

If you work on the corporate strategy, there’s no way around the brand. If you look at strategy as the way to…

KMU-Magazin, issue 3 2019, pp. 24-35
Linda Vollberg

Brand Core as a Management Task

The brand core enables individual employee leadership through tangible, imaginable and experiential content. Employees need a…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Brand in Support Processes:
Accounting, Logistics + Co.

A brand is not a “costume” that you choose for your company –a brand must grow out of the company from within. Whoever integrates the brand into the …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03 2019, pp. 5-6
Linda Vollberg

Your Construction Company as a Brand

Brand building is an issue that is not just important for corporations and it does not require a huge marketing budget. Brand building is a craft…

Fliesen & Platten, issue 06 2018, pp. 46-49
Linda Vollberg

The Power of the Brand – Especially for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Misconceptions about the term “brand” are still prevalent. The idea that brand is neither a technical term nor should it be…

KMU-Magazin, issue 06/07 2017, pp. 12-16
Dr. Guido Quelle, Linda Vollberg

Brand: Myth or Path to Growth?

What is meant by “brand” and what one should or should not do with a “brand” – these are the topics of countless essays, writings, and lectures…

KMU-Magazin, issue 10 2016, pp. 52-53
Dr. Guido Quelle

Break out of the Comparison Trap

Well meant is not well done. Marketing communication cliches that only emphasize the obvious…

KMU-Magazin, issue 07/08 2016
Dr. Guido Quelle

Strengthen Your Marketing Power – 3 Tips for Growth

To get up to full speed in the new year and focus the power of marketing, a clear orientation and objective are not all that is needed…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 12/2015
Linda Vollberg

Agreeing on Overarching Tasks for a Holistic Result

The strategy process is complete, the positioning has been chosen, brand management has provided direction, and the framework for a successful…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 11/2015
Linda Vollberg

Of the Pope and Digitalization – It’s All About the Target Group

“Communicating the message” is a daily challenge for brands. Standard rules of communication, such as clarity and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 10/2015
Linda Vollberg

Brand Alliances Strengthen the Brand

When two brands appear together, there is an inevitable transfer of awareness and image.

a3 Marketing Media AdScience, issue 09/2015
Linda Vollberg

Into to the Future: Keeping Your Brand Up to Date

Not being forgotten. Staying exciting. Inspiring desirability. Sparking enthusiasm across generations. Reinventing and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 09/2015
Linda Vollberg

Why Brands Need an Origin

We love stories. When a person has an exciting story, we prick up our ears. We make associations, react emotionally…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 08/2015
Linda Vollberg

Are you still collecting, or do you already have insight?

What actually triggers a buying decision is not necessarily revealed to the person who collects the most data, sets up cloud solutions and falls into a…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 06/2015
Linda Vollberg

The Right Context – Putting Your Brand Front and Center

Before you enter the real-world brand environment at the point of sale (POS) or the world of online sales, the internal working environment should be right…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 05/2015
Linda Vollberg

All In – Decisiveness in Branding

Brand is not clearly positioned? Occasional disconnect between product and brand? Although there is no shortage of ideas and concepts…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04/2015
Linda Vollberg

Take Action and Change – Break out of Crisis Mode Now

Strengthening the brand in the turn-around, supporting long-term success in the market and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03/2015
Linda Vollberg

Picking up Speed – Targeted Advancement of Innovation

Pointing the way: ensuring the framework for targeted management of directed creativity…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 02/2015
Linda Vollberg

Forward March is not a Direction – Mastering the Brand Core

A brand core is a “single” core and not multifaceted – define a central brand message, which provides direction for growth…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 01/2015
Linda Vollberg

Brands and Thought Leaders

It is not necessarily essential for the growth of a company to build a strong brand and achieve thought leadership…

a3 Marketing Media AdScience, issue 11-12/2014
Linda Vollberg

Emotion? It’s only logical!

You cannot manage a brand based solely on reason. Brand management is an executive responsibility! Emotion trumps reason, because reason makes people think…

diy, Special Edition (40 years BHB), pp. 68-69
Dr. Guido Quelle

Brand as a Foundation for Profitable Growth

Growth is possible without a strong brand, but a strong brand as an engine for profitable growth makes the journey a whole lot easier…

KMU-Magazin, issue 05 2013, pp. 10-13
Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle

Five Popular Brand Management Misconceptions

Do we even need brands? Isn’t branding a marketing task? Does brand need to be measured? Do we have to keep questioning customers….

a3 Marketing Media AdScience, issue 05 2014,
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Engine of Growth

– The right way to manage a brand – Apple continues to be a fascinating example of a single-brand company. Brands don’t run themselves…

Modern Office, supplement to WiWo, November 2013
Dr. Guido Quelle

Brand Management – The Emphasis is on Management

Brands shape our lives. Particularly in the retail/consumer sector, hundreds of brand impressions flow over us every day…

bdvb aktuell 118, issue 4/2012, pp. 18-19
Dr. Guido Quelle

Be It a Brand or a Company: Growth Comes From Within

The outside world is not to blame for success or failure. Growth comes from targeted innovation…

Wirtschaftsmagazin Jahrbuch 2012, pp. 68-69,
Dr. Guido Quelle

Cranking up the Growth Engine

For marketing to create the conditions for the most positive branding possible, it has to be firmly embedded in the corporate structures.

MARKENARTIKEL, issue 7/2012, pp. 58-59
Dr. Guido Quelle, Linda Vollberg

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