Growth Strategy and Realisation

Growth Strategy and Realisation

Growth is About the Future

Recession, reduced working hours, worries about the future – despite initial relief following the suspension of social distancing measures, the corona crisis continues to cause concern …

Trade magazine Technischer Handel
Bernhard Flacke on
Dr. Guido Quelle’s online talk

Growth Engine Strategy Seminar

Whether strategy seminars are a waste of time or a sensible investment in the future depends on your planning…

KMU-Magazin, issue 03 2020, pp. 50-51
Linda Vollberg

Corona Alarm: What About Growth Now?

In the time of the corona crisis, we realize how important it is for us to make money with our companies because there are some things that we…

Dr. Guido Quelle

Out of the Crisis and Back on Track for Growth

A precisely planned turnaround project can be the essential vehicle for averting a crisis with the team…

KSI, issue 01 2020, pp. 36-38
Dr. Guido Quelle, Linda Vollberg

Growth Strategy Leading to Operational Success

In order to develop an attractive growth strategy, we work together with our clients on future-oriented questions because far more than…

KMU-Magazin, issue 12 2019, pp. 22-23
Linda Vollberg

Grow – But Sustainably!

Growth is not evil, but rather essential. With the right understanding of growth, companies can also help preserve important…, 12 2019
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Responsibility of the Entrepreneur

In SMEs in particular, entrepreneurs have a strong sense of responsibility. But the question is, what is their real responsibility?

KMU-Magazin no. 11/12, Nov. / Dec. 2018, pp. 36-37
Dr. Guido Quelle

From Product to Service

Many manufacturing companies and also trading companies consider expanding into a range of services or…

KMU-Magazin, issue 10 2018
Dr. Guido Quelle

Selling the Company

Actually, in this period of general economic sentiment, now is an ideal time to sell a company, isn’t it?

KMU-Magazin, issue 08 2018
Dr. Guido Quelle

Attention HR: Learn to Create!

First the bad news: HR departments are often no help when it comes to generating healthy, profitable business growth…

Markt und Mittelstand, issue 05 2018, pp. 74
Dr. Guido Quelle

Cost Cutting is Not Everything

Reducing costs is often the ideal way for companies to improve their bottom line. Of course, reasonable costs for…

KMU-Magazin, issue 06/07 2018
Dr. Guido Quelle

Combating the Peter Principle with Creativity

The Peter Principle, named after the American educational scholar Laurence J. Peter (1919-1990), states that…

Markt und Mittelstand, issue 06 2018, pp. 74
Dr. Guido Quelle

That’s Just the Way It Is! – Oh, Really?

Growth comes from within. If an SME wants to find its own path to growth, the usual prejudices, terms and concepts need to be…

KMU-Magazin, issue 05 2018, pp. 42-43
Dr. Guido Quelle

Making Decisions – Even in Success

Family businesses are particularly keen to stress that they have been around for 75, 100, 150 years or even longer. Although…

KMU-Magazin, issue 04 2018, pp. 38-39
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Effective Growth Strategy

Many successful companies, especially SMEs, still shy away from approaching their growth more formally than…

KMU-Magazin, issue 03 2018, pp. 30-31
Dr. Guido Quelle

Restraint Creates Space for New Things

Oh, the things they tell us: We have to constantly increase our sales, expand our product and service range and for every customer…

Markt und Mittelstand, issue 01 2018, pp. 82
Dr. Guido Quelle

Talk? Yes, But About the Essentials.

SMEs have a major advantage over most large companies: they can be more agile. Why is…

KMU-Magazin, issue 01/02 2018, pp. 40-41
Dr. Guido Quelle

But We’re So Special

It is not just people, nearly every company wants to feel special. That is a legitimate concern. However, the assumption that one is particularly special is often misleading.

KMU-Magazin, issue 12 2017, pp. 32-33
Dr. Guido Quelle

Why Growth is So Important

Companies experience new impetus when they succeed in releasing internal brakes. This requires a lot of awareness raising, because healthy…

Ventura, issue 03 2017, pp. 13
Dr. Guido Quelle

Profitable Growth as an Entrepreneurial Obligation

We need to talk about growth. And not just because the topic is or should be of concern to SMEs anyway …

Markt und Mittelstand, issue 09 2017, pp. 82
Dr. Guido Quelle

Success and Its Flip Side

Of course, everyone wants to be successful. But the desire is by no means an end in itself. Apart from the fact that “success” for different companies …

KMU-Magazin, issue 09 2017, pp. 38-39
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth? Obviously!

Growth is objectively essential. This seems like a highly plausible statement after a bit of reflection. So what can we do to ensure that growth is actually…

KMU-Magazin, issue 08 2017, pp. 50-51
Dr. Guido Quelle

Drink Before You Get Thirsty – Strategy as Prevention

In sports, especially in competitive sports, we are advised to “drink before you get thirsty”. This advice has been given to many…

KMU-Magazin, issue 04 2017, pp. 36-37
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Optimal Company Size?

People often ask about the “optimal size of a company.” As much as the underlying wish is understandable, its fulfillment remains…

KMU-Magazin, issue 02 2017, pp. 42-43
Dr. Guido Quelle

Strategy and Basic Democracy

Developing and implementing strategies is the sovereign task of corporate executives. Basic democracy is not conducive to this process…

KMU-Magazin, issue 03 2016, pp. 40-41
Dr. Guido Quelle

Today‘s Luxury is Tomorrow’s Standard

Self-satisfaction is not compatible with growth. But growth is the basis of progress, economic and business development…

KMU-Magazin, issue 01/02 2016, pp. 36-37
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Brand – Preserving and Renewing

When we discuss the preservation of a brand in this article, we assume that the brand “works” – that is, that it…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 08/09/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

Company Succession: It is Impossible to Address it Too Soon

What place does the topic of “company succession” have in a growth column? A very important one because apart from the person, the entrepreneur or the…

KMU-Magazin, issue 07/08 2015, pp. 40-41
Dr. Guido Quelle

Understand Your Customers? The Need to Translate Trends into Your World

At this year’s meeting of the Seeoner Kreis at Bensberg Castle, we also held intensive discussions with our guests about foreseeable and anticipated trends …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 06/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

Customer Proximity – Theory and Fact

No entrepreneur would dispute that customer proximity is an essential growth factor. In reality, however, real customer proximity often fails…

KMU-Magazin, issue 05 2015, pp. 32-33
Dr. Guido Quelle

Reactivation – A Challenging Task

Success can have a range of effects: success can confirm, success can spur further action, success can make a company attractive…

interview magazin, Winter 14/15, pp. 28-29
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth Strategy: Beware of Placeholders

Companies like to be perceived from the outside with descriptive qualities. Are these just made up of…

KMU-Magazin, issue 04 2015, pp. 32-33
Dr. Guido Quelle

Making Decisions, Including Those Relating to Customers – Putting an End to ABC Classification

Last year, we developed a very powerful instrument that enables us to identify both internal growth opportunities and internal obstacles to growth.

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth? It’ll Come – Watch Out!

The company is growing? Excellent. And it’ s been growing continuously for years? Wonderful, so it seems there are certain patterns and they are…

KMU-Magazin, 03 2015, pp. 44-45
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Top 3 Elements in a Turn-Around Project

There are thousands of articles about turnaround projects – and their quality varies greatly. Common to most of these is the fact that they focus on formal…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

Reactivation – A Challenging Task

Success can have a range of effects: success can confirm, success can spur further action, success can make a company attractive…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 02/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

Innovating in Times of Rapid Growth

We often ask our potential clients seeking advice on growth: “When do you think is the best time for innovation?

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 01/2015
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Proof of the Pudding

Growth strategies are a dime a dozen. The point is that they fail not in their conception but in their implementation. It’s not whats on the paper…

KMU-Magazin, issue 12 2014, pp. 28-29
Dr. Guido Quelle

Six Aspects of an Effective Growth Strategy

The term “strategy” turns up everywhere. There is too much paper and not enough results. Too many consultants have been…

KMU-Magazin, issue 10 2014, pp. 38-39
Dr. Guido Quelle

A Cow Needs Grass…

In our practice as consultants we meet only a few entrepreneurs and senior managers who don’t want their companies to grow. The economy, the weather, …

Dealer Support, May 2014, pp. 48 and 50
Dr. Guido Quelle

Sustainability – Can It Be Reconciled with Growth?

“Today, we are very proud and happy to offer you another contribution by an expert on the issue of sustainability. This time the guest author is Professor Guido Quelle …

TextileFuture, 06/2014
Dr. Guido Quelle

Core Competencies: Important, But Not to Customers

One thing right up front: although some literature pretends that the term “core competency” is a fashionable term that is used by…

KMU-Magazin, issue 05 2014, pp. 34-35
Dr. Guido Quelle

No Growth? It‘s Always Someone Else’s Fault…

Last year, the construction industry complained about the dismal weather at the start of the year and the associated effects…

a3 ECO, issue 03-04 2014, pp. 28-29
Dr. Guido Quelle

Service as a Catalyst for Growth

There is scarcely a company that would not profess a commitment to service. In practice, however, this claim gets lost very quickly…

KMU-Magazin, issue 12 2013, pp. 6-9
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth Comes from Within

Neither politics, nor the economy, nor the weather decide the fate of a company. Growth comes from within …

Unternehmer Edition, pp. 50-51
Dr. Guido Quelle

The Importance of Instruments for the Path to Growth

Instruments are indispensable guides. This applies both to navigating roads and to business development. In order to achieve profitable growth…

KMU-Magazin, issue 10 2013, pp. 10-13
Dr. Guido Quelle

Innovations as a Basis for Growth

This article will show you how to significantly broaden the spectrum of your innovations…

interview-Magazin, issue 4 2013
Dr. Guido Quelle

How to Create an Effective Growth Strategy

Without a doubt, an effective growth strategy provides a much more solid basis for profitable growth of a company than a way…

KMU-Magazin, issue 04 2013, pp. 10-13
Dr. Guido Quelle

Knowledge Problem or Implementation Problem?

Time and again we are confronted with similar situations in our consulting projects. Often there are good ideas for growth on the table…

interview-Magazin, issue 6 2012
Dr. Guido Quelle

10 Practical Tips: Successful Innovation Projects

“In “10 practical tips,” experienced market researchers pass on their knowledge in a form that is easy to grasp. The point is not to offer “operating instructions”…

planung & analyse 
Dr. Guido Quelle

Keeping Companies on Course for Growth

For brands to continue growing, companies must set all of the levers in the right position. Innovative ideas, restraint, an involved management, committed employees…

MARKENARTIKEL, 10/2012, pp. 68-70
Dr. Guido Quelle

Innovation Instead of Simple Addition

Many discussions revolve around innovations as drivers of growth. But what do we really mean by “innovate”…

LEBENSMITTEL PRAXIS issue 13/2012, pp. 14
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth – Do It Yourself

Growth is not a project, growth is a process. This also and especially applies to companies in the home improvement store industry.

diy, issue 7-8/2012, pp. 14-15,
Dr. Guido Quelle

Crisis Management: Starting Points for Practice-Oriented Turn-Around Management

Field report on the generation and implementation of successful restructuring strategies

KSI, 02/11, pp. 79-82
Dr. Guido Quelle

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