Sales and Expansion

Sales and Expansion

Lighting and Stoking the Fire – Creating and Maintaining Enthusiasm

In sales initiatives, enthusiasm is highly beneficial. Generating enthusiasm is one thing, maintaining…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 06 2020, p. 6
Fabian Vollberg

B2B Sales: Timing and Speed

Timing and speed are not everything in B2B sales, but without them, there is nothing. If you look at the factors that are really crucial to…

KMU-Magazin no. 4/5, May 2020, pp. 42-43
Fabian Vollberg

Sales and Transparency: Like Oil and Water?

The term transparency is not self-explanatory. Every good transparency initiative begins with common goals and a common vision. In transparency…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 05 2020, p. 6
Fabian Vollberg

Sales Burns Through Our Profits.

Many of the accusations of wastefulness levelled at sales departments are unfounded. The accusers ask too few questions and the sales department provides too few…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04 2020, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Strategy Execution in Sales

Strategies in sales are often inadequately executed. But what can company and sales management do to…

KMU-Magazin no. 1/2, February 2020, pp. 34-35
Fabian Vollberg

The Sense of Profitability – of Derring-do and Unconditional Process Confidence

The sense of profitability in sales is a sense and an orientation to the idea that there are three winners: the customer, the company and oneself. The sense of profitability…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03 2020, p. 6
Fabian Vollberg

Timing and Speed in Sales are Not Everything, But Without Them, There’s Nothing

A customer’s “yes” to a transaction is always based on a favorable constellation of certain factors. This favorable constellation …

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 02 2020, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

That’s Where I Want to Be. – Judgement as a Key Skill on the Path to the Sales Target

Personal responsibility and judgement go hand in hand. Judgement is a key skill of strong sales staff. Judgement is…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 01 2020, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Attracting and Retaining Strong Sales Staff

Yes, money is important, but in our experience, it’s not the be-all and end-all. Ask yourself what drives you to…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 12 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

How Data Helps Us to Set Sales Priorities and Help the Customer

The art of assessing sales data is to stay simple. The precondition for a clear view of the data is first…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 11 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Ten Things in Sales to Nip in the Bud

We invest a great deal of time and energy in sales organizations to develop and implement new procedures, tools and much more…

KMU Magazin no. 10, October 2019, pp. 42-43
Fabian Vollberg

The Right Measure – The Sensible Approach to Measuring Sales

A sales department that measures neither input nor output is like a car without an instrument panel or a navigation system. Clarity and…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 10 2019, page 7
Fabian Vollberg

Digital B2B Sales – It Doesn’t Have to be Amazon

“Strategy first, digitalization second” also applies to sales. Digitization in B2B sales can really turbo-charge profitable growth.

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 09 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

The Basis for Effective Sales Management

Only strong, systematic sales management can bring lasting growth success. Short-term, non-systematic successes are…

KMU Magazin no. 7/8, August 2019, pp. 52-53
Fabian Vollberg

A Break with Mediocrity
The best growth is to be found beyond mediocrity. To be different and to grow beyond mediocrity…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 08 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Trust, Promises, and Sales Success

Trust is everything when it comes to sales success. Relationships are the key to growth. Promises are an essential…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 07 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

The Ideal Sales Representative: Qualities you Should be Looking for

Whether you want to add to your sales team, strengthen members of an existing team or even form a completely new team, clarity is essential.

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 06 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Understanding Your Customer’s World

Strict customer orientation is not the only factor that makes growth-oriented companies successful, but also and above all…

KMU Magazin no. 4/5, May 2019, pp. 48-49
Fabian Vollberg

Internationalization in SMEs: Opportunities and Pitfalls in Sales

Internationalization requires precise, strategic advance thinking – not just operational planning. In foreign markets, too, placing the needs of customers before all else is essential…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 05 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

The 7 Pillars of Effective Sales Management

In a nutshell: be clear, be fair, be a role model. In sales, it is particularly true that the key to exceptional long-term success is outstanding management…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 04 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Understanding Your Customer’s World Means Understanding Your Customer

To put it bluntly: Until you understand what the customer of your customer needs, you cannot serve your customer properly. What your customer needs…

Mandat Growthletter®, issue 03 2019, p. 7
Fabian Vollberg

Patterns of Success for Growth Projects

Sales is where strategy meets reality. This is the decisive proving ground for the success of a growth strategy. Nine prerequisites help to lay the groundwork…

KMU Magazin no. 1/2, February 2019, pp. 38-39
Fabian Vollberg

The Power of a Recommendation, Part 2

Targeted requesting of recommendations can become an enormously effective lever for the growth for your sales efforts. Part 1 lays out the first steps …

FLIESEN UND PLATTEN, issue 10 2018, pp. 40-41
Linda Vollberg

The Power of a Recommendation

To win new customers, build relationships, foster trust, and ultimately hold that first signed order in your hands…

FLIESEN UND PLATTEN, issue 09 2018, pp. 42-43
Linda Vollberg

Drivers and Obstacles to Growth in Sales

When it comes to growth, sales is the most important unit in the company. What this means for sales management in small and medium-sized companies …

Sales Management Review, issue 03 2016, pp. 61-67
Dr. Guido Quelle, Fabian Woikowsky

Never Break a Sales Promise

Well-intentioned promises that sound good are often expressed in mission statements but are not followed up on or further developed in day-to-day business.

KMU Magazin, issue 09 2015, pp. 36-37
Dr. Guido Quelle

Sales – The Most Critical Unit

Of course, every functional area is important for the success of a company, otherwise it would not exist. If we were to take things to the extreme…

KMU Magazin, issue 06 2014, pp. 38-39
Dr. Guido Quelle

Expansion: Opportunity or Strategic Misstep?

When it comes to growth, the following issues quickly come up: regional expansion or, perhaps, even internationalization…

KMU Magazin, issue 09 2014, pp. 42-43
Dr. Guido Quelle

Growth-oriented Market Activities

Smart growth is not a matter of simple addition, but of continuous renewal. This applies in particular to market development …

KMU Magazin, issue 11 2013, pp. 10-13
Dr. Guido Quelle

How Prepared is Your Company Really for Internationalization?

Everywhere you turn, you hear that the growth companies are striving for can no longer come from the domestic market alone. Whether this is really true in each individual case or only …

interview Magazin, issue 4 2013
Dr. Guido Quelle

Releasing the Brakes

The growth potential of sales can only flourish with the proper setup and only when it frees itself from the aversion to strategy and structures …

salesbusiness, issue 07/08.12, p. 38
Dr. Guido Quelle

Sales: Parking Brake or Engine for Growth?

Growth is impossible without good sales. This article outlines what it takes to release potential brakes on growth.

KMU Magazin, issue 06/07 2012, pp. 62-64
Dr. Guido Quelle

Release the Brakes, and Switch on the Turbo

Essentially, the mission is clear: the sales department is responsible for growth. In practice, however, expansion is threatened by obstacles to growth.

salesbusiness, issue 03.12, pp. 22-23
Dr. Guido Quelle

Common Progress Towards the Sales Market

salesbusiness, issue 12.09, pp. 34-35,
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH,

Holger Kampshoff

Better Use of Market Potential

Der VertriebsSpezialist, issue 5/2009, pp. 16-17

Martin Gierse

All Power to Sales – The Customer is All That Counts

Technischer Handel, 8/2009, pp. 41-43

Dr. Guido Quelle, Holger Kampshoff

Company and Sales Go Hand in Hand

salesbusiness, issue January/February 2005, pp. 20-22

Dr. Guido Quelle

We Sell Where the Light is On

Zeitschrift für Führung und Organisation 2/05, © 2005 Schäffer-Poeschel Verlag für Wirtschaft, Steuern, Recht GmbH in Stuttgart.

Dr. Frank Kühn, Dr. Guido Quelle

Mandat Recommends: Internationalization Begins in the Home Market
Companies are no longer asking themselves the question of whether to internationalize. Rather, corporate managers are increasingly posing the question of when they need to start work on internationalization …

f h Intralogistics, issue 06/2013
Dr. Guido Quelle

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