Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Bolstering Strengths

Executive coaching builds on the existing strengths of your high-performing leaders and helps your best employees to have an even greater impact on the future of your company’s business while actively achieving their business and personal development goals – sound interesting? If so, then Mandat executive coaching could promote a real boost in growth.

Your Benefits

Our coachees in second-tier management generally have a central operational role and at the same time a key role on the management team that they are expected and encouraged to grow into. This presents each coachee with individual challenges, but we often see added value from collaboration reflected in the following ways:

  • The coachee grows into a new role within the organization and breathes life into the strategic orientation of the company in the operational context.
  • Growth in a department is actively reshaped and advanced. The coachee leads employees with increasing personal responsibility based on concrete measures and joint growth targets.
  • Certain new tasks, which had been the responsibility of corporate management in the past, are taken on.
  • Organizations become more dynamic; responsibility is distributed rather than being shouldered by individuals and upper management.
  • “Putting out fires” and the need for management to be personally involved in operational leadership and conflict resolution issues is reduced.

Personal growth of top-tier management is a key component in leading your company into a successful, high-growth future. This is precisely where targeted coaching from Mandat pays off.

Here’s How We Work Together

We have developed a special way of working with our coachees. In executive coaching we work in a project-oriented manner, based on jointly agreed goals and with a high degree of commitment. We not only act as a dedicated partner, but also as a sounding board – drawing attention to things, refining individual strengths, and dealing with internal issues in a highly confidential manner.

No two executive coaching engagements are quite the same – we work with you individually as a corporate leader and coaching client, and we work with the executive as the coachee to identify key growth areas and the most effective means of collaboration to effectively support the coachee in mastering the necessary developmental steps. This collaboration usually lasts between six and twelve months and is based on the following 3 options:

Based on the jointly agreed growth areas, the coachee can approach his or her coach as a sparring partner in questions related to the executive coaching topics. This means that the coach is available to the coachee by telephone, video conference or e-mail in real time. Calls are responded to within one working day and e-mails within 24 hours. In addition, regular telephone appointments support development and discipline in achieving goals.

In addition to virtual meetings, we arrange face-to-face working meetings. These sessions serve to deepen the substantive aspect of our work. This may include designing specific content, for instance, or preparing for specific discussion situations that include the agreed upon topics of the executive coaching engagement.

In order to get a more accurate picture of the effectiveness of the actual leadership and gain an appreciation of how it is developing, we jointly agree on appropriate opportunities for the coach to accompany the coachee in the performance of leadership tasks. These might take the form of staff meetings, project meetings, client meetings, negotiations and the like. This is a perfect basis for leveraging growth potential.

There is no ticking clock on fees. The agreed fee covers all of the agreed services and always covers the entire duration of the coaching engagement. Executive coaching engagements are not transferable to other persons. This also applies to us of course. Your executive coach remains the the same for the entire coaching period.

Invest in your employees, and let’s work together to define specific growth areas. Give us a call or write to us to start working together.

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