Growth Challenges

One of our US colleagues, my friend Chad Barr, recently asked in an international forum what the key challenges of our clients are. I thought this was a superb question to think about. Here is my answer that results from our current projects:

Low or medium growing companies:

  • Lack of differentiating from the competition.
  • (Not) attracting the target group exactly enough (if they even know what their target group is).
  • Ego trumps long-term strategy.
  • Archetypical growth brakes institutionalized in companies departments.
  • Not knowing where they are on the growth curve and take inappropriate action therefore.

High growth (or  companies with a high growth attitude):

  • Handling high growth with the existing systems / processes.
  • Transferring people from “normal growth thinking” to “high growth thinking”.
  • Getting the right people on board.
  • Convincing their shareholders that the management isn’t doing a kamikaze ride.
  • Thinking long-term.

What are the key challenges you are facing trying to grow your business?

(c) 2012, Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Mandat Consulting Group