We Are The Economy

I had planned a trip to London for Tuesday with three appointments. Security staff at a couple of airports was on strike last week – they want to get up to 30 percent more money – and the union announced to extend and intensify the strike without any warning.I took preventive action and just cancelled my Tuesday trip in advance in order to not let someone wait for me in case of the strike.

That means:

  • No meeting with one of my colleagues
  • no meeting with a service provider I consider to hire
  • no meeting with a cooperation partner

Here’s an excerpt of the direct economical effect:

  • Lufthansa: I return the full fare flex ticket.
  • airports Dusseldorf and Heathrow: no handling fees, no starting fees, no landing fees, two times if the flight will really be cancelled
  • no first class ticket at Heathrow Express
  • no revenue for taxis and limos
  • no revenue for the hotel room where my cooperation partner and I would have met
  • no revenue for the restaurants we would have had lunch and dinner at
  • no fees for Amex
  • no fees for the bank where I would have gotten GBP from
  • a lot of taxes that are not being paid

Do I hear anyone complaining about “the economy”? We ARE the economy. Already forgotten?

(c) 2013 Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Mandat Consulting Group