The Seven Most Effective Strategies To Impede Growth

Just in time for the start of your week: Don’t let anybody stop you growing.

There are myriad ways people are trying to impede growth, because to grow means to change. Take a look at the dark side of growth now: Here are the seven most effective strategies to impede or even to slow down growth, because growing makes a lot of people feel uncomfortable.

• Making everything top priority
• Endless safeguarding
• Pursuing a personal agenda
• Throwing smoke grenades
• Noncommittal behavior
• Creating project inflation
• Questioning successes

Did you face one of these strategies in your company? How do you deal with them? How do you take care, that your company grows, though? For each of these strategies there are one or more counter strategies. The point is, that you are able to realize that someone tries to stop you from growing your firm.

Guido Quelle

(c) 2012, Prof. Dr. Guido Quelle, Mandat Consulting Group